Nordic Global Trading & Consulting can help you start your own line of production within consumer products. Our services:

  • Provide machinery with competitive prices and quality.

  • Deliver the machinery to your inquired location.

  • Install the machinery and make them operational. 

  • Step by step quality control as well as final quality control.

  • Technical support and educational programs. 

List of machinery

Note: The machinery that are not listed below, can be provided based on your Inquiries.

  1. Machinery for package of drinking water and mineral water.

  2. Machinery to produce flour from wheat, corn, barley and all kind of cereals.

  3. Machinery for producing and packing of cubed sugar from sugar.

  4. Machinery to produce and package different kind of chocolates.

  5. Machinery for produce and package of all kind of popcorn and pop cereals.

  6. Machinery to sort and produce all kind of packable food for domestic and catering purpose.

  7. Machinery to produce chips from potato.

  8.  Machinery for drying and packing all kind of sliced fruits.

  9. Machinery for production of fruit leather (Lavashak) mixed and solo fruits.

  10. Machinery for production and package of tissue paper.

  11. Machinery for production of sanitary pads.

  12. Machinery for production and package of baby aged diapers.

  13. Machinery for production of all kind of liquid and powder (detergents) laundry and hand-wash washing powder.

  14. Machinery for production of bottles for package of water and non-alcoholic beverage.

  15. Machinery for production of disposable crockeries: dish, glass, spoon (table, jam and tea) and as well as all kind of disposable vessel for catering purposes.   

  16. Machinery and equipment for mechanization of agriculture.

  17. Machinery and modern equipment for production of all kind of bricks.

  18. Machinery for mineral and decorative stone cutting.

  19. Machinery for metal cutting.

  20. Machinery of annealing of steel and production of all section of steel like steel corners, rebar and steel reinforcement, structural steel cans, structural H steels from steel scrapes and other machineries due to your request.

  21. Full machinery for producing different grades of cements.

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